Kids on a double hammock

When you hear the word hammock you immediately think of a relaxing afternoon of lying in the sun, slightly swinging to the breeze. It really doesn’t get more laid back than a hammock, unless you have a double hammock. Yes, that’s right; a hammock built for two!

The Vivere model, for example, is one of the better models available on the market and boasts excellent features such as a 100% cotton bed that measures 94”x63”, a reinforced steel frame, a convenient carrying case for naps on the go, and even comes in twelve great colors.

Adding a hammock, whether it be single or double, to your home is sure to improve the quality of life.

Placing it on the deck is guaranteed to offer endless relaxing afternoons and star gazing nights.

A recreation room that contains a hammock can easily become extra seating or hours of fun for kids.

Having a larger hammock also gives couples a comfortable way to spend quality time together, whether it be reading, snuggling, or enjoying a movie.


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