3 light bulb-terrariums

Whether a person has a full-fledged garden in their backyard or a home filled with plant life, it’s pretty safe to say that we all love to tend to our own domains. There’s a fulfillment that comes with knowing that you have the ability to grow your own little world.

Today’s feature brings a peculiar challenge for those looking to boost their creativity. This one may take a little more concentration! Brit+Co’s DIY light bulb terrarium kit is brought to us by its whimsical makers, Optical Conclusions.

A DIY light bulb terrarium makes a great gift to give someone, and with a total of 3 to make, you can always keep one for yourself!

In addition to the supplies included in this kit, you will also need some needle-nose pliers, long tweezers, scissors, a flathead screwdriver and some goggles.

You want to first start with a bulb that you would normally use in a bathroom, as these provide the best “globe” shape. Next you want to throw on your goggles and begin removing the metal tip bottom part of the bulb using your pliers. After a little gentle nudging, you’ll be able to pull out the entire metal part. To remove the black glass part, you want to hold on side of the bulb firmly while using the pliers to twist and snap the glass. After using your screwdriver to remove the remaining pieces from the bottom of the bulb, you can clean it up and get to the fun part!

Now that the hard part is over, you can start filling the bulb with some of the multi-colored stones that come in your kit. After laying the stone foundation, you can add one of the Kolbii air plants included in the kit as well. When you are satisfied with how everything is placed, all you have to do is screw back on the light bulb top and seal. You’re done!

Repeat this process as much as you want, especially if you have some extra bulbs lying around the house!


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