Bamboo Dish Rack

Washing and drying dishes has just gotten a lot easier! If you’re not a fan of the automatic dishwasher than you are already aware of the unique art of carefully placing dishes on your dish rack so that everything fits without falling off. On top of playing this peculiar game of kitchen Tetris, you also have to make sure they are positioned in a way in which they all dry correctly without drenching you the moment that you pick them up for later use. Thanks to this bamboo dish rack, those little quirks won’t bother you as much.

Made out of nothing but 100% organic bamboo, this dish rack is crafted in a way that helps save space on your kitchen counter. For more space saving bonuses, it also discreetly folds up when you feel like storing it out of view. With two slotted shelves and secure spots for silverware, all of your dishware has a place to be without falling off.


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