Now, this is fun. A color-in wallpaper, perfect for a child’s room or playroom, that can be colored with marker pens, felt tips, or paint. This thick and heavy weight wallpaper, by Burgerplex, is 394 inches wide, and 20.5 inches high. The artwork repeats itself every 20.5 inches, giving ample space to use creativity. The wallpaper arrives in black and white, and it is left up to you to transform it into a colorful wallpaper of your choosing.

The wallpaper, created by Jon Burgerman, is full of cute monsters and intricate, squiggly lines, that can be colored any possible way, giving your imagination full reign. This wallpaper does not need to be fully colored to look fantastic; it looks great at all stages. In its original form, it adds creativity to any room, with detailed black and white design. In its incomplete state, it is still mesmerizing. The black and white design looks great with either a section or pops of color in different areas.

This color-in wallpaper is fun and playful, and could provide hours of fun time for children. It’s also something parents and kids could do together, providing a wonderful family activity.

The heavy weight of the wallpaper ensures that the coloring medium used, doesn’t leak through to the walls. This makes sure that when the wallpaper is removed, the walls remain in good condition.

This may sound a little crazy, but this wallpaper would be instant fun in any living room. Imagine a modern living room with clean and simple lines, and this wallpaper, colored to your liking. There’s no need for a lot of decorations or expensive artwork, this wallpaper is all the adornment you need.

The color-in wallpaper, adds amusement, creativity, and fun. It is technically for the kids’ room, but hypothetically, it can be for any room of the house; entertaining the kids and the big kid in you.


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