Feline Indulgences - The Catcube

Any cat lover will attest to the feline love and enthusiasm for cardboard boxes. Whether in the mood for a long nap, a spot of play, purring indulgence or self-grooming – no cat will willingly let go of his/her cardboard castle !

Belgian graphic designer Delphine Courier celebrates this connect with her designs for the Catcube – an eco and kitty friendly cardboard container of possibilities and feline indulgences. Equally an object of play and residence, the design taps into your cat’s inherent curiosity and love for cardboard, while dressing it up to find its place in even the most chic and refined interiors.

Built of recycled cardboard, the Catcube draws on the geometry of an icosahedron to arrive at its design. The design comes flat-packed and can be unfolded and assembled in a jiffy with a few simple moves; no need for glue or elaborate fixtures – the geometry here does the trick! This also makes it a lot safer and hassle free for your feline friends to use, keeping any risk of injury far at bay. Printed with eco-friendly ink, the design is positively green and completely nontoxic.


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