ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit

If you’re new to the art of growing herbs and other produce, then you’re in for a treat with today’s feature! Depending on what climate you find yourself living in, it may not always be the best conditions for growing produce regularly like you desire to. However, thanks to a certain technique of horticulture, the option of growing fresh nutrient-rich foods is at your fingertips with this aquaponics kit from Ecolife.

If you’re an avid fish and aquarium lover, this is an even sweeter deal for you. With an existing 20 gallon tank, you can easily add this aquaponics kit to the top of your tank as a way to constantly nourish both your fish and your plants! The waste from the fish at the bottom is filtered to help feed the herbs, while the included grow light at the top encourages it to grow further.

With a way to tend to your mini-crops hassle-free and a way to eliminate waste so that your fish have the freshest water possible, this way of gardening wins by a landslide!


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