Scandinavian interior design

Emphasizing a move to simplicity, scandinavian designs are picture perfect, as you will see in our collection of houses and apartments with scandinavian style interiors and décor. Bringing minimalist efficiency and warm personality into a home, these designs and spaces are guaranteed to help you create big impressions through even the subtlest of moves.

Amazing attic penthouse in Stockholm

Amazing Attic Penthouse in Stockholm

Beautiful Scandinavian Interior Design

Beautiful Scandinavian Interior Design

Lovely and modern small home

Lovely and Modern Small Home

Incredibly charming and cozy home

Incredibly Charming and Cozy Home

Annaleena’s Swedish Interior Design

Artistic home inspiration

Artistic Home Inspiration

Scandinavian Style

One-of-a-kind Scandinavian Style

Amazing Interior Design in Stockholm

Amazing Interior Design in Stockholm

Picture-perfect cheery apartment design

Picture-Perfect Cheery Apartment Design

Minimal decor for a small apartment

Minimal Décor For a Small Apartment

Scandinavian Style in the Living Room

Scandinavian Style in the Living Room

Living large on 36sq.m.

Living Large on 36sq.m.

Yes, it is possible! If you think practically and creatively you can accommodate a whole house only on 36 sq.m. This cozy home is the proof. Despite its small size, the apartment hosts an entrance hall