Rossitsa Yankova is a published freelance articles writer and a professional translator. She believes that to express thoughts, opinions, experiences and/or information is a fine art in itself, and this is the exact attitude she shows in her work.  What distinguishes her style is that she is never satisfied with the story until it answers all the ‘5 W’s and H’ – questions. She does not compromise on research, and tends to always provide unbiased opinions, as well as her personal views. Rossi has passion for beauty, originality and fashionable trends in home interior design and loves watching TV shows and browsing through websites and blogs, all dedicated to decoration, design, DIY, gardening, landscaping, and travel, learning a lot from and getting inspired by them. Apart from all that, Rossi’s hot hobby is photography. ‘Telling a story with words is easy, but one photo can tell a story without any words. This challenges me and I love challenges!’, says Rossi.

Articles by Rossitsa: