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How to Avoid Losing Home Insurance Coverage
How to Avoid Losing Home Insurance Coverage

How to Prepare Your Property for a Professional Tree Service

If you have trees inside your property, you know for sure how important it is for you to have professional tree services done. As much as you might want to save those extra bucks and do it by yourself, there are still numerous advantages that you can gain out of hiring a professional.

Yard with big trees

If you are gearing towards having this service done, here are tips and tricks by The Local Tree Experts on how you can prepare your property for that professional tree service:

#1 Study the condition of all the trees and plants in your property

The level of difficulty that the tree service will encounter in your property will mostly depend on the condition of all the trees and plants present within the area. There may be those that require more effort than others.

For example, healthier trees have better and stronger rooting systems, which make them more difficult to take down. As for dying trees, although these are easier to uproot, they can also be more dangerous. Hence, before you start on this project, perhaps for the purpose of upgrading or creating an outdoor space, take a quick assessment of all the plants and trees surrounding your yard first.

#2 Clear your property of anything that your tree might fall on

If you have garden furniture, lights, and other expensive belongings in your yard, you should take the time to clear your property of these objects first. You never know which direction the tree is going to fall in. Especially so if your yard is quite small, you need to give an allowance for the tree to fall on.

If you have a neighbor’s yard close by that could also possibly get affected, then let them know about this as well. Remember that in cutting trees, the trunk itself is cut down in the direction where there is bigger space for the tree fall and land on.

#3 Baby-proof or childproof your entire yard

Depending on the number of trees in your yard, or how many limbs and branches have to be cut, the procedure cannot really be completed in just one afternoon. The arborists or tree cutters may see the need to come back another afternoon. When the tree cutting service needs to be extended for more than a day, there will be equipment and other gear that may be left by the arborists in your yard in order to avoid packing and unpacking repeatedly.

These gear and equipment are hazardous, and if you have children in your house, you will want to keep them off your yard for the time being. With this, it is crucial for you to baby-proof or childproof your entire yard, perhaps by having a fence or gate installed on the door. You also have to make sure that locks are in place so that your children cannot just immediately run off to the yard, as they would typically do.

#4 Make room for the vehicles as well

Arborists do not just come into homes walking and carrying their gear with them. Because their tools are often heavy and bulky, they will most likely be arriving in a big truck. Hence, you will need to make room in your property as well for the vehicles of these tree cutters. The closer to your yard, the better so that they don’t have to load, unload, and walk a far distance simply to get to their vehicle.

Additionally, if you fail to provide space for the arborists’ vehicle in your property, you are increasing the risk of causing damage to your neighbor’s cars and other property as well.

#5 Check the power lines surrounding your property

If you’ve got trees that are taller than the power lines around your property, this is one aspect that you should also factor in. Call your local electricity provider and inform them of the day that you are going to be cutting down your trees. In this manner, they can also prepare for possible dangers that may arise, for instance, if the tree trunk doesn’t fall in the direction intended.


Trees are great to have in your yard! However, if there are trees that are getting too old, or are slowly dying and are too big, then it is best for you to have them cut down. When you are going to have this done professionally, you may already have been made aware that it is quite an expensive bill to pay for. Because of this, you will want to make sure that everything that should be done in your yard is accomplished properly. Part of this involves effort from your end, through preparing your property for an upcoming professional tree service.

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