If you have yearned for a vegetable patch in your outside space for a long time, but have simply never got round to doing it or perhaps have been put off by the aesthetics of one, we bring you five attractive alternatives to a vegetable patch.

Herbal garden by the window

Hanging Baskets

It is incredible what you can do with a hanging basket and a little imagination. They are perfect for properties with little outside space and are easy to look after. Firstly, choose baskets that are aesthetically pleasing. The market is full of different colors and materials, so there is something for everyone. When it comes to selecting the type of vegetable you would like to grow, you are spoilt for choice. Cherry tomatoes are not only a tasty option, but they smell and look great too. Eggplants, peppers and lettuce can flourish too. If you’d rather have something sweet, alpine strawberries are beautiful and delicious.

Raised Beds

If you already have the garden of your dreams and would rather not uproot a large area of it, you could choose to create (or buy!) raised beds. First, simply use a selection of planks of wood to create a rectangular bed. Next, line it with newspaper or cardboard and be sure to wet it thoroughly. Finally, fill with soil and then plant your chosen vegetables. Alternatives to planks of wood could be logs (perhaps you have recently felled a tree) or a weave of wattle.

Window Boxes

If you have the luxury of a beautiful balcony space, then window boxes could be the ideal addition. Whether you go for plain wood or paint in bright colors, they can add a zing to your outdoor space. There are some great suggestions of other ways to improve your balcony over at Purple Flower. Window boxes are also perfect if you lack outdoor space or if you would prefer to keep your garden as it is.

Planters, Troughs and Pots

Shallow planters and pots are not ideal as they do not give the vegetables enough space to grow. However, you can get deep pots which would be suitable for growing your grub. There are so many shapes, sizes and colors of containers out there these days that you definitely do not need to stick to terracotta (although having said that, you could add a touch of the Mediterranean to your property this way!). If you can’t find the shade you like, choose the right shape and size then get your paint out. If you’re feeling super creative, you could even add some art.

Vertical Planters

Vertical planters are very popular right now. Not only are they space-saving, but they can also look attractive and spark interest too. Whether you choose to purchase one from a gardening store or you take the time to make your own, they are versatile and can be used to grow your veggies. From stepped planters to ones attached to the wall, there is an array of possibilities. For plants such as eggplants, which need maximum exposure to the sun, be sure to position south-facing.

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