Modern interior design

Clean, crisp and efficient, modern architecture and interiors stir up a creative dream. Careful compositions of line, form, color and texture meet to carve out fabulous furnished interiors and impressive external facets. These modern designs and spaces are not just eye candy; they are food for thought.

An Office in the Woods

An Office in the Woods

The most unusual hotel

Beautiful Washbasins by Omvivo

Beautiful Washbasins by Omvivo

Transparent house in Tokyo

Classic meets contemporary style

Modern Apartment in London, UK

Modern duplex in Madrid

Modern Duplex in Madrid

Authors of this contemporary design are the Spanish designers Fernando Tapia and Monica Andina. Their joint work on the project can be defined as a complete success. The apartment is
Luxury Bachelor's Apartment

Luxury Bachelor’s Apartment

This apartment is furnished in an avant-garde style and conveys a strong male presence. Plenty of black, red, reflective surfaces and pictures of cars are typical accents in the home