Whoever said a child’s room has to be baby blue or pink clearly has not seen this red kids room before. We have of course seen other color schemes in children’s rooms before, (i.e. mint green, turquoise, plaid even) but red has not really popped up on the radar too often. Seeing this room even provokes a desire to create a normal room in all red; this is just simply adorable.


This red kids room is done with the perfect amount of red. You can totally overdo it with this color, which is why you really don’t see it done too often. However, the fact that the red functions more as a backdrop, or accent to the overall effect of the room is what really makes such a great impact on the space. There is the one solid wall that is brightly colored and red tiled floor area that are very obvious; but then to add to it you have throw pillows and smaller art pieces that complement the wall and floor just right.

The rustic panels throughout the rest of the room and the bedspread create an excellent balance in the red kids room. It becomes neutralized and calms the red down, making it perfectly acceptable to have such a red room. One of the best parts about this room is the fact that we aren’t sure if this is a boy’s room or a girl’s room, you could have either live in there and it would make sense either way!

Can we just say that we are a little jealous of how good of a start their child is getting off to in terms of decorating? Because of this room they are going to have such an excellent understanding of what looks good and what does not.

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