A cozy little gem nestled into the panoramic seaside cliffs of Cornwall, England, this gorgeously conceived one bedroom cottage updates the vernacular to imbue fresh life into it.

As far as a small beach house goes, this 30 square meter marvel is as charming as it gets !

Taking a light and elegant approach resonant with the sentiments and vibes that surround it, local architect Bob Woffenden creates a tapestry of space and experience that opens up to the spectacular scenery and breathes freely with it.

Spectacular sea view
Adorable small beach house
Cozy living room with sea view
Beautiful small beach house
Amazing terrace and sea view
Coastal style living room
Fabulous terrace overlooking sea
Adorable white kitchen interior
The Most Adorable Small Beach House (1)
Outdoor seating area and hot tub
The Most Adorable Small Beach House (2)
Coastal style bedroom
Small white bedroom with round window
Lovely outdoor seating
Outdoor dining area
Enchanting dining area with sea view
Beautiful small beach house

The small beach house sits at the edge of the cliff, perched atop a wooden deck that offers spillover space and continuity into the natural surround. The shallow pitched gable roof structure draws on traditional construction and aesthetics, but tidies it up with tight lines, unfussed details and tactile finishes. Exposed woodwork exudes sun-kissed warmth, while porthole windows – indoors and outdoors – create a distinctly nautical vibe.

The front entrance of the beach house flows into an open planned living room and kitchen area that are oriented towards the great outdoors, thanks in part to the floor-to-ceiling- openings. These fold back for greater visual effect, pouring in ample natural light and ventilation into the space.

Just like most small beach homes, the interior décor curated by the owners complements it perfectly with beachy palette and motifs.

The bedroom is cozy and drawn out in a similar vein, offering private conversations with the majestic skies and the endless Atlantic.

The pictures of this small beach house will leave you daydreaming for days…

Available for rent via Unique Home Stays Ltd

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  1. Sandra says:

    I love this place I wishit were my home, who is the designer?