Imagine being just 50 meters from the sea in a perfect summer getaway on the Spanish island of Mallorca, where blue skies, sunshine and glorious views can be seen everywhere. This house is ideal for summer living and brings the outside indoors very well thanks to the fantastic shaded pergolas. The interior of the house is painted white which gives this perfect summer getaway a cool feel, even when the temperatures are soaring.

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The furniture is comfortable and fairly simple, we love the wooden 4 poster bed in the bedroom that mixes well with other furniture pieces and items made from natural materials such as rattan. The kitchen is light and airy and also has everything you could need to produce wonderful Spanish dishes. This summer getaway has pretty accessories, colorful rugs and pretty artworks to give it extra character.

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Outside on the shady veranda you have a large table and chairs that make dining outside a total pleasure. Wooden decking and a reed top to the pergola contrast wonderfully with the bright pink painted chairs and matching cushions. This summer getaway merges traditional Mallorcan architecture with comfort and style that will leave you with long lasting memories of the perfect Spanish holiday.

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