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Take a guided tour through our stirring collection of unique house designs and projects, covering a spectrum of needs, interior styles and ideas. From the tiny to the grand, the rustic to the futuristic, we cover it all – inside and out – to bring you an inspiring compendium of architectural gems from across the globe.

Futuristic house design

Nautical home decor

Nautical Spirit

A nice country house

A Nice Country House

Two storeys painted in pale orange shades, a beautiful garden with a well and wooden furniture, a stone fence and a massive gate of wrought iron – that’s how a dream country house would look like
Home and Store into One Beautiful Design

Home and Store into One Beautiful Design

Have you ever dreamt of saving yourself the trouble of the long way to work in the morning, and enjoy just 5 more minutes under the soft blanket? We may have a solution for you! If you are a store owner
Simple and Cozy House

Simple and Cozy House

This is a simple design and architectural solution, yet it has deeply fascinated us, and we’d like to share our experience with you! In this amazing one-storey house you can feel spaciousness and coziness
The perfect getaway to France

The Perfect Getaway to France

This definitely is yet another ideal place to relax far from the noise of the big city. The amazing two-storey house, lit by the afternoon sun and surrounded by a gorgeous green garden, will surely
Stunning Chalet in the French Alps

Stunning Chalet in the French Alps

Who wouldn’t want to spend his winter vacation at a place like this?! Whether you are an avid skier or a relaxation fan, this place will take your breath away. With its inspiring warmth and coziness
Eco cabin

Relaxing in The Peace of Nature: Eco House

Many urban residents often dream of escapade from the busy city life and relaxing in the peace of nature. If you aren’t fond of camping and you don’t want to separate from the comfort of your home