Now this is a classic contemporary home. We wouldn’t expect anything less beautiful in Aspen, Colorado. Designed by Poss Architecture + Planning, this modern mountain house is super distinctive in both its architectural design and how wonderfully done its interior is. Perfectly balanced colors and lush textures are all the eye can see inside this home.

modern mountain house (1)

modern mountain house (11)modern mountain house (2)modern mountain house (3)

Before we step in, really take notice of how beautifully the roof cascades down the hill the home is perched on. Oh wait, that’s part of a ski run, how perfect is that? Stepping inside you’re overwhelmed by the modern mountain house. While the colors are mostly that of a neutral palette, they’re still very intense, especially the striking gray-green hue in the kitchen and living area.

modern mountain house (4)modern mountain house (5)

Maroons and beige tones make up a majority of the home, accented by only a few darker décor pieces and furnishings. We like that charcoal has been implemented into the color scheme here, it provides a necessary contrast among the colors.

modern mountain house (6)modern mountain house (7)

The rest of the décor here is very simple actually. This perhaps is what really makes this a modern mountain house; the interior is utterly effortless but still creates such impact. Minimalism does it again!

modern mountain house (8)modern mountain house (10)modern mountain house (9)modern mountain house (12)

Photos: Pat Sudmeier & David O. Marlow

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