The interior design of this charming and stylish house is a creation of the Spanish designer Maria de la Rosa. Every part, every single piece of furniture is carefully selected and inspires femininity.

Although many different materials and colors have been used in the interior, everything seems to blend in just right. The basic color is white, but as a contrast we have purple, gold, turquoise, brown and black accents.

The two different sofas, the coffee table with mirror surface and the animal motifs add artistry to the living room. An interesting idea is the presence of several steps that separate the living room from the entry hall. If you want to relax and read a book or simply enjoy the beautiful garden view from the huge window, the two big and comfortable chairs would be the perfect choice.

White smooth surfaces and steel predominate in the kitchen, which is simple and functional, yet very stylish. And the bedroom – it simply represents the luxury that every woman deserves!

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