A charming collaboration between architect Pablo Serrano Elorduy and interior designer Blanca Elorduy of Dom Arquitectura, this alluring guest house design keeps it fresh with its natural textures and organic authenticity. Adapting an existing volume standing in a residential garden in Barcelona, Spain, the designers translated restraints into generators through design. The resulting sixty-five square foot gem, with its unique vocabulary, is therefore an absolute delight for both owners and visitors.

The existing volume was wrapped up in insulation and waterproofing to make it more functionally viable and inhabitable. The resulting space was then exploded into a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor experience. An iron framed wicker pergola initiates this interweaving of space and function, increasing the cover while inviting nature into the heart of this guest house design. Generous glazed openings and a lightly furnished interior further reaffirm this transparency, orienting the space to the natural splendor that surrounds it.

Akin to mountain homes, the guest house is rendered in a palette of natural materials – each celebrated for the textural quality it brings to the décor. From glorious patterns of filtered light and shade created by the wicker overhang, to the carefully considered movements in wood indoors, every space, frame and material is explored and expressed beautifully. The resulting space and experience is therefore delicately touched by both – the hand of man and God.

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