Moveable wooden cabin aptly called Escape
Moveable wooden cabin aptly called Escape
Find Zen in This Japanese Cabin
Find Zen in This Japanese Cabin

Vacation nomads would just love this restored van


Who says an ancient- looking British carriage car cannot live up to this modern time? Well, this one did, with much effort on renovation and redesigning. Located in St. Germans, Cornwall, this restored van is now a modern camping home owned by Rail Holidays UK, measures 8 by 24 feet and is set in a massive woodland area, all yours with a garden of your own.


The original luggage van has been in service since the 1890s built by the London and South Western Railway (LSWR) Company at Eastleigh. In 1995, it was found unused in a site in Wadebridge, Cornwall. Its potentials as a tourist attraction lie in restoration work. The original chassis was first restored to create the original look. Inside, a rustic wood burner was placed in a corner for tea time. The interior walls are all done in wood. A small loo and bath was also built. The bedroom comes designed in typical country pieces – from the bed to its cover quilts, the curtains and bedside lamp. The wooden floors come bare with a few pieces of small carpets and rugs placed here and there. It is a typical country British home – this restored van turned cottage. Outside, a set of table and chairs are placed for its occupants to welcome guests. Set in a 10 acre forest of majestic woods, the restored van has a garden surrounding it for florals and herbs to grow. It is not only a place of retreat; it is for the green thumb, too.


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