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The inspiring recipe for décor of this lovely house design

The blend of architecture, sculpture, paintings and the decorative arts in this house add to a magical recipe. The interior design smacks of the classical, and the house breathes a sense of belonging. It reflects the quality of life echoing from every corner, in the form of books stacked indiscriminately, and objects scattered all over this gorgeous home.


What a breathtaking sight; the lovely modern steel and glass front double door, the collection of exotic cacti, and the intriguing women’s bicycle, elegantly  parked at the entrance. Does it not give you a premonition of what a lovely house design you can expect inside the house?

The cozy living room is  truly a work of an inspired designer. The comfortable cushioned pale gray sofa sets and the rustic center table, placed  on on a hand woven gray carpet with designs, complement each other beautifully. The sloping roof, set with sturdy rafters adds an altogether new dimension of elegance to the room. Sufficient light filters through the aesthetically designed arched blue framed French glass windows as also the gray colored sliding ones. The true firewood hearth takes you nostalgically back in history to the medieval times. The green view outside, as seen through the windows provides a breathtaking sight. The mantelpiece above the hearth, adorned with a lovely glass vase brimming with a variety of multicolored flowers takes your breath away. The round single stemmed table with a beautiful glass flower vase with assorted flowers, and candle stands with burning candles, add to the exquisiteness and sophistication of the atmosphere in the room. The wooden flooring of the house makes another bold statement in support of the lovely house design.


Leading from the living room, is the dining cum kitchen area, in an interesting blend of white and light rose color, exuding a combination of the compactness and elegance, emphasizing the romantic home decoration. The cooking area is replete with all needed accessories, including an electric chimney, and convenient built-in wardrobes, that house every kind of cutlery and crockery. The small pots of lovely plants set on the window, further contribute to an ambiance of their own. The cupboards under the cooking top and work area of this modern kitchen have well arranged draws to store all kitchen paraphernalia.


The master bedroom with its full glass windows and charming curtains, allows for the copious inflow of light. The lovely adjustable reading lamp mounted on a glass table thrills any passionate reader.


The compact bathroom, with sufficient space for storing toilet accessories, having  a comfortable tub, and a window overlooking the greenery outside, is a treat indeed.


The lovely patio with its rustic dining table, exotic fare and quaint wicker chairs doubles as a dining area. With a lovely overhanging wooden roof, this portion is the crowning glory of this lovely house design. The overview of the greenery of the garden is a sight for sore eyes.

This house has a feminine, timeless, customized and unique design. The use of colors like black, pale lavender and Hermes in the right proportions and blend, provide that stunning visual effect that you experience when you visit this adorable house.




  1. Fenna says:

    I love This place! Where exactly is it?

    • AdorableHome says:

      In Barcelona, Spain 🙂