Enjoy this amazing home interior in a futuristic style created by Simone Micheli.

Situated in a beautiful part of Florence, this luxury residence was built with 90% eco materials, and has definitely impressed us with its ultra modern fabulous look. The unique interior is  influenced by the minimalistic style, designed to create space and free wide-open access of fresh air and sunlight. The luxury design is achieved by rounded lines, mostly white lacquered furniture, a lot of lighting elements built into the walls and on the ceilings, and by some colorful accents. The prevailing crisp white color is incredibly matched with neon yellow, green and pink, creating a joyful and fascinating home atmosphere.

The “To dream or not” – mirror, the cute bubbles floating on the kids` room walls, or the surreal spherical poufs … we just can’t make up our mind on which would be our favorite in this futuristic dream house!


Photography by Juergen Eheim

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