This concept created by H&P Architects, in Vietnam, is amazingly smart and thoughtful. These wonderful bamboo houses provide fantastic flooding and cost solutions, fashioning an efficient, beautiful, and fully functional home. The homes are built on re-used oil drums that are connected to a foundation. This allows the homes to float during a flood. The actual house is made up of locally sourced bamboo, providing a durable and sustainable home. The beautiful triangular openings located on the roof provide ventilation, allowing air to naturally flow in and out of the space. The bamboo houses come with vertical gardens and a rainwater harvesting system. They can also house large families, and they have a very affordable price of two thousand dollars.


We adore the shapes used in the architecture of these bamboo houses, not only are they functional, but they are also beautiful. The triangles are positively stunning. The bamboo creates amazing patterns on the outside of the home, adding a significant amount of interest to the exterior. The lines, the criss-cross pattern, and the collections of circles at the end of each piece of bamboo, give the outside of the home a healthy dose of beauty and polish. We love the amazing addition of vertical gardens, they add a bit of color to the outside of the home, they look beautiful, they help improve the air quality, and they cool the home: a striking and thoughtful choice. The platform extensions provide a multitude of wonderful covered outdoor spaces for the families to relax.




We think this concept is absolutely fantastic. Not only are the bamboo houses beautiful, but they incorporate sustainable solutions, they can work for small and large families alike, they account for the flooding season in Southeast Asia, and they are extremely affordable: simply outstanding.



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