Minimalist House
Minimalist House Stuns on Hamilton Island
Striking Tel Aviv town house
Striking Tel Aviv town house

Round house offers incredible design and spectacular views


We love the opportunity to see homes that are well outside of the box in their design and architecture. This round house by architectural firm Johnston Marklee is a perfect example of what we mean. With its obvious shape and stunning 360 degree panoramic views, this home is incredibly modern and downright cool.


You’d think a round house with encompassing windows would offer no privacy, however this can be a very concealed home when it needs to be (sliding doors are option in all of the rooms) while private guests can be entertained on the rooftop. Think of how great it would be to sit in that hot tub and take in the surrounding landscape.


We love that the interior of the home is rather minimal in design. Neutral tones make up the palette while simple furniture makes up the living space.  It appears that those who have incredibly beautiful views of the surrounding areas seem to keep the interior of their home rather nominal. Of course, if the majority of your home was windows, there’s not a whole lot you can hang up, now is there?

This round house exudes excellence in its design and structure. Once again, the modern minimalist comes out as the winner.

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