Sustainable design played a large part in the creation of this building by Strachan Group Architects – aptly titled the urban shed. A 1920’s bungalow has been transformed into a comfortable and creative family home with a modern appeal. A plethora of natural materials can be found alongside concrete, metal and glazing giving the urban shed an unusual but attractive look.

The urban shed is a comfortable place, an oasis from city life that is bright and welcoming. In the garden you will find a generously sized swimming pool, lawn area and decking. The bungalow has many industrial materials such as concrete and metal that compliment the stone, timber and greenery from the plants. Many modern extras have been added to the urban shed – solar hot water heating, a thermal mass floor, sun screens and large amounts of insulation help to make this home ecologically friendly and low cost to run.

Glass louvre walls and pivoting doors are amongst the best features of this urban shed and help to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter; although there are parts where you can still sense the old house. The transition to modern living has been greatly improved by the alterations made to the urban shed, which should be a comfortable home for many years to come.