There are so many things to talk about in this Nordic interior design. It has a gargantuan amount of creativity and style.


In the living room, a white sofa is decorated with beautiful pillows and throws. A shabby chic table and a gorgeously plush chair, complete the seating space. A stunning rug, that looks like a letter, and fabulous hardwoods decorate the floor. A low hanging rustic light hangs from the ceiling, centering and illuminating the room. The wallpaper is absolutely delightful, it’s unfinished, giving this room a healthy dose of creativity and interest. A large window allows natural light to shine in, brightening and opening the space.


Off to the side, the office space is simple and gorgeous in this Nordic interior design. It has a shabby chic desk, a calming artwork, and a wooden chair. The simplicity of this space is positively stunning.


The frames on the wall, with no pictures, were the first thing that captured our eye in this wonderful dining room design. It is such a creative and unique touch, and we absolutely adore it. The shabby chic furniture, lovely hardwoods, and barely there patterned wallpaper, create a homey and impressive space. The window in this room is in perfect position, providing ample natural light to the dining area.


The bedroom in this Nordic interior design, tones down the bright white seen in the rest of the house. The wood paneling is striking, effectively darkening and cozying the space. The white headboard, complete with a well-worn wooden shelf, is fantastic. Lovely lighting hangs from the ceiling, and wooden tables and gray curtains, finalize the design, fashioning a warm and comforting space to rest.

Images found on: Chicanddeco (website in Spanish)

This Nordic interior design has amazing creativity and imagination. The wallpaper in the living room, the frames in the dining room, the wonderful wood in the bedroom, create a unique and enticing home, that we’d never want to leave.