Run away to the dreamy country house
Run away to the dreamy country house
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Urban dream house

How to transform a small apartment into a large sophisticated space

Tight quarters pose certain challenges and unfortunately city living often offers very small apartment interior designs. However a small apartment can be skilfully camouflaged to appear spacious and roomy. A good interior decorator can develop maximum space in a minimum area. In this article we see how a small Sydney apartment has been converted into a bigger space by a few crafty ideas. We also give you some tips and tricks so you can convert your crammed apartment into an immense haven of space.


The first concept is merging rooms to create a grander, classier unit. We see that the living room, dining room and kitchen have been combined into a striking whole and appear elegant and cozy. Never underestimate the power of white to give instant volume to your small spaces. The designer has followed the same tried and tested idea here too with great success. Not only does it appear to enlarge the area, it also serves the purpose of giving the entire apartment a regal mood.

The designer has also come up with a simple yet innovative model. He has created hidden sliding cabinets in a ten-seat kitchen table which is not only utilitarian but also gives the room a grander appearance. The bathroom has a psychedelic look with its disco ball lights and the backsplash tiles. The inset mirrors create the impression of an extensive space in the tiny bathroom.

You can also combine all of these concepts into your home to give it a grand presence. In addition, use of low furniture pieces in any room will automatically enlarge the overall look. White is a powerful color to magically increase the illusion of space – the opposite is also true. Using dark shades makes small spaces more warm and cosy. Use these simple ideas and see your home becoming a mini mansion.




  1. Charles Salisbury says:

    ive divided my small living room into a living room/dining room by hanging a wide string curtain halfway across the middle of the room so the dining room part is next to the kitchen and it looks good , everyone who visits say its nice.

  2. take a photo lets see.