For many, when they think of the Karoo desert region in South Africa, they envision an endless landscape that consists of dust, meager plant life and not much else beyond that. For others, it is a region that once was a flourishing farming area, where life grew and thrived. This old house is a representation of that time; built in 1860 it has withstood the trials of time and change, and itself has become not just a historical marvel, but a beautiful rendition of what design and renovation can do for a home.

The walls of this old house have maintained their structure; simple white paint covers the unevenly laid (so charming, though) walls that are seemingly made from brick and mortar. Flowing from room to room only connected by light grey wooden doors, the home blends its classic roots with modern design. It is wonderful how this old house is located in South Africa, but as you look at the decoration there is a lovely hint of southern decorations you would maybe see in an American home; the use of stripes and dark colors in some of the bedrooms is also a beautiful touch to the home.


The kitchen is also an excellent example of how this old house blends with modern design. The kitchen has an oven that burns on wood; while this is certainly something of the past, its surrounding design somehow creates a beautiful vintage scene. The rest of the kitchen area is not cluttered and absolutely cute with its large shelving unit that functions both as decoration and as storage.

Images found on: Andrew Hector

While you are stepping back in time when you step into this old house, you are also stepping into a home that has been held together and put together wonderfully, acting as yet another great example of what you can do with interior design.