House decorating ideas for city living
Home Decorating Ideas For City Living
Soft feminine grace in your apartment interior
Soft feminine grace in your apartment interior

From an industrial unit to an inviting apartment design

A new trend has emerged where architects and interior designers remodel an industrial loft into an apartment interior design. This radical project can leave you dazzled with the final results.  Who can imagine a grey, dingy, dreary industrial space becoming a magnificent apartment design? However, it’s only a skillful designer like Diego Revollo who can convert an industrial space into a sophisticated loft.


In these pictures you can see how the walls have been stripped off their original dull brick red and washed with neutral earth tones giving birth to an entirely new apartment. It creates an overall minimalist, elegant feel. The sleek futuristic furniture design complements the ambience. It’s not only utilitarian but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Owing to the high ceiling space, the designer has converted the loft into a two-story space. This capitalizes on converting the upstairs area into a private zone for the bed and the bath while the space below is for entertaining with family and friends. Using its original elements, the stark black loft ladder has been retained for access to the upstairs area while below it rests a striking turmeric yellow bar counter table – sure to catch the eye.

The floorboards are painted black enhancing its futuristic appeal. Black is also used to give the kitchen cabinets and the bedroom closets a dark edge. Its use in combination with the neutral tones of the walls and the understated furnishings balances the symphony of the apartment.

The designer has been true to the essence of the industrial loft and created a ceiling to floor window with skylight. Covered with translucent screens, it provides natural ventilation, keeps the interiors warm during the cold winter nights and provides breathtaking views of the city lights.

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