Sometimes a house comes along and just really blows you away; not just because of its amazing interior but also because it seems like something you have dreamed of before. When we look at the feature for today that is exactly how we feel! There is no question why our spotlighted home is given the name “Bliss House”, for every room is a delight to be in. Located in Southold, New York, this bliss house was created by the Robert Young Architecture and Interiors Company.

The architecture firm did a phenomenal job with creating interior design methods that make various elements pop out at you with unique angles and colors as if you were in a dream. Creating a white minimalist base for all of the rooms of this bliss house really helped to make that possible by allowing the décor to mentally take you to another place. We especially love the color gradient effect on the railings of the steps! Other favorites of ours include the living room area that is complete with a watercolor art rug, and antlers that complement the faux bark table for some natural grounding and the super fun bathroom that breaks all the rules with two accent walls and a pop of yellow for an extra dose of happiness.

This bliss house is the kind of home that would make you never want to venture outside because of all the fun inside. And if you did want to venture outside, you have the added bonus of a massively open backyard. This is the best win-win situation you will ever encounter. We promise!