We are in love with this classic interior. It’s a Swedish apartment with a fantabulous design that somehow manages to be cozy and bright.


That chandelier is simply gorgeous. It brings an industrial touch to this classic interior. The wooden dining room table is amazing with its stacks of wood, bringing much interest to the design. Surrounding the dining table, modern white chairs decorate the space, adding a bit of sleekness. The gray area rug wonderfully connects to the outstanding artwork on the wall, and the ceiling detail is fantastically elegant. We adore the flowers and the décor in this gorgeous design.


Large windows allow natural light into the living room, and sheer curtains bring an ethereal feel to this room. An ornate fireplace complements the magnificent details on the ceiling, and on the mantle, stunning flowers take center stage. We absolutely adore these flowers, they are perfect for this classic interior. In the middle of the living room, white sofas and gorgeous brown leather chairs occupy the space. A black table with a white marble top sits on top of an earthy textured rug, and a glamorous gold chandelier provides lighting, completing this awesome seating area.


The kitchen is small and elegant. We love the cookbook storage solution.


The dining room is our favorite place in this classic interior. On an animal skin rug, a unique wooden table, is complemented by divine caramel colored leather chairs. We love the combination of the rolling legs and the stationary legs, it brings even more interest to the design. A large window brightens the space, and the ethereal curtains continue. Against the wall, a white cabinet provides storage, and a marvelous artwork decorates the room: simply phenomenal.

Images found on: skönahem (website in Swedish)

The bedroom follows more of a gray color scheme in this sublime home. The patterned area rug is delightful, and we love the stacked pillows. A wooden chair sits by the bed, acting as a bedside table, and magnificent artwork adds even more beauty to this divine design.