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Clean living: apartment ideas for the minimalists among us

For those of us who enjoy a clean, minimalistic living space – this lovely loft apartment is a dream come true. When it comes to minimalism in apartment interior design, true style and class are often difficult to achieve. Emptying a space of clutter is one thing, but attaining a high sense of style in addition is another thing altogether. This apartment, though, is sophisticated and elegant, while still being clean and clutter-free.

For starters, this living space is dominated by lots and lots of white – whitewashed walls are offset by white décor, which adds a true luxurious feel. Most of the furniture is solid-colored or black – this provides a nice, classy contrast to the whiteness. In the living area, plenty of whimsical little touches abound. A hanging black seat-swing is situated next to the wraparound black couch, a vintage black chest occupies space in one of the bedrooms, and there are plenty of bright green plants in colorful vases throughout the apartment. However, this loft space is free of any kind of clutter in the form of knickknacks or too many paintings and wall hangings – which only adds to the sparse yet beautiful apartment design.

The kitchen is truly an inviting space, while still retaining a serious sense of style. With its gleaming silver appliances, open shelves, and complete lack of pretension, this kitchen is a gourmand’s ultimate dream. When it comes to kitchen space, less is definitely more – you certainly don’t want to be knocking over precious artifacts as you’re cooking up the latest Barefoot Contessa recipes!

Even the children’s bedroom remains stylish while being free of too-messy touches. Instead, there are splashes of fun color set against the white backdrop – a lovely little bookshelf, polka-dotted curtains. It’s unstuffy décor, and yet it’s still completely elegant.

The crowing jewel of this apartment is its plethora of windows – the natural light that bounces off the white walls results in a bright, clean, minimal look.

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