Something we have been seeing a lot of lately is the lack of color in homes and apartments. People are now tending to approach the interior design and decorating of their homes with a much more simplistic view on what they are putting on their walls and in their homes. This beautiful apartment is an excellent example of that shift in design and decorations; with its white walls, accents of black and implementation of greenery and light woods this home is one that will be undoubtedly be modeled by others.

This home is located in Stockholm, which is seemingly a growing region of the world in terms of superior interior design. Lingered Upon is responsible for capturing these photos of this beautiful apartment, showcasing the impeccable placement of modern art, lovely plants, black accents in structure and furniture, and of course the brilliant pops of royal blue in the living area. While the white and black contrasting has been a very popular shift in design, especially lately, this beautiful apartment shows that you can get a little more adventurous with your simplistic decorating, and still create something that is modern and awesome; plus people will take notice of the extra pops of color you throw in there.

The natural lighting in this beautiful apartment is excellent; with an abundance of large windows in the living area and kitchen, the downstairs needs no help in lighting during the day. As you go up the stairs you will notice the excellent circular windows in the bedroom that provide just the right amount of light; not to mention they are just so fun and refreshing from normal windows.

Get inspired by this beautiful apartment when decorating your own; this look really is rather easy to accomplish, just make it simple!