A black and white color scheme can really be a challenge to pull off. It requires a fine balancing act that this home manages to apply quite impressively. It can certainly feel like stepping onto a chessboard at times, especially when you stand on the tiles which are, of course, done in a checkered pattern. White certainly seems to have the advantage, as this is the color chosen for all of the walls.  Don’t discount black as well, despite the prevalence of white, the home has been done in such a way as to create a sense of harmony, a sort of Yin and Yang.







Everything in the home has been done in this black and white color scheme. The effect is such that every room has an open feel to it. It is a perfect blending of opposites. An excellent example of these extremes is the kitchen. The floor level is done in a dark scheme, all of the cabinets and appliances on the floor being black, but taking a look up high shows the complementing white of the hanging cabinets and walls. Even the lightly colored wooden floor has been speckled with flecks of black spots. You certainly won’t find a gray area in this home, there is a polar opposite for each and every item.







Images found on: Boho Deco Chic (website in Spanish)

Yes, everything has been done to showcase the fascinating combination of black and white. Even all of the artwork hanging throughout this lovely home follows a black and white motif.  This apartment stands as a fine example of what perfect balance and harmony can bring.