This rural lodge in Poland is a wintery dream land… or home. Between the light as a feather color palette in the interior and the inviting atmosphere present in each room this country house is one lodge a vacationer would surely never want to leave.

We love the semi-monochromatic use of the cream and neutral hues seen on all of the walls, ceilings, furniture, and even the floors. It creates such light in each room, but it is applied so well in each area you don’t feel like you’re looking at the same color over and over again. This is especially present in the wood that has been painted—it gives that perfect antiquated look we are so fond of.

Speaking of the wood, the use of brick in the rural lodge also gives it that country home feel while adding a touch of contemporary design. This home truly is a good balance of modern and pastoral design.

The decor pieces seen throughout the home are what really bring the look of the lodge together. Between the lovely chandeliers, florals, inviting furniture, and adorable knick-knacks throughout, this rural lodge is one dreamy place to dwell in.

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