A well done barn conversion is a delightful thing. This fabulous one, located in Devon, is a mid-Victorian barn, converted into a French style farmhouse. It was brought to life by Christina and Nigel Dickinson, with a budget of eight thousand pounds.

Beautiful stone, luscious and carefree landscaping, and white detailed patio furniture, create this wonderful wonderland. Terra cotta vases, a large black vase, and a weathered wooden wagon, make this home feel special and inviting, even before entering it.

This barn conversion has a beautiful white stone fireplace with seashells placed neatly across the mantle. Above the fantastic fireplace, there is a mirror, with a frame that is sophisticated and rustic. Beautiful artworks adorn the white walls and red patterned furniture and throws, add even more warmth to the room.

The kitchen utilizes beautiful country cabinets to maintain the decor of the farmhouse. The natural wood and white island, complete with a wine rack, is placed perfectly in the center. Stainless steel pots and pans hang from the ceiling, lining up with the island. A vintage clock is placed next to a generous window, that sits over the sink. The barn door is absolutely gorgeous, retaining a lovely detail of the barn conversion.

The ceilings of both bedrooms have fantastic wood beams. In one bedroom, a dark wooden chest sits in front of the comfy creme bed, and a plush sofa provides alternative seating. The sofa is a dark teal velvet with detailed wood accents; an extraordinary piece of furniture. In the other bedroom, turquoise night stands sit on both sides of the bed, and like the other bedroom, a dark wooden chests sits in front of it.

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This barn conversion, with its carefree, and slightly eccentric attitude, is a home that breathes. It is universally beautiful, but it has a particular character. And that character is cozy, colorful, warm, and stylish.