Even in our wildest dreams we haven’t thought it would be possible to spend the night 40 feet underwater in incomparable luxury. In Fiji’s Poseidon Undersea Resort it’s possible! This is the world’s first seafloor resort, nestled in a 5000-acre lagoon. The resort is absolutely astonishing! It offers 24 spectacular underwater suites, located 40 feet under the sea surface and accessible via elevator. Each suit is enveloped in 4-inch clear acrylic ensuring guests the most marvelous view ever. You can enjoy coral gardens and ocean life and even feed the fish only by pushing a button. At night, external underwater lights can be turned on to attract marine life. In such a room you’ll never get bored, because the scenery is changing every second. For those guests who’d like to spend their vacation above the water, the resort offers 48 magnificent bungalows. Here you can enjoy also six restaurants, including one underwater restaurant, and seven bars.

Sounds surreal, doesn’t it?!



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