Berlin, Gerrmany is home to one of the most unique hotels you will ever see. Hütten Palast’s designers and architects have successfully brought the outdoors indoors without sacrificing comfort and style in this interesting hotel.

The rooms are designed to mirror the environment of a rural cottage style residence. Guests are treated to a room that functions as the landscape with trees and small plants strategically placed to create the natural atmosphere. The windows admit ample natural light and help to set the tone for a nature modeled experience.


A mini trailer unit, placed in the larger room, functions as the bedroom. The walls on the inside are three dimensional in design with strips that use into an artistic design. The bed occupies pretty much all the floor space and is covered in white and lighter shaded linens offset by dark brown pillows. Three windows and a door provide visual and physical access to the remainder of the room which is designed to create the ‘outdoor experience’.


A second sleeping area along with closet space is housed in a cottage style wooden sub-unit. The rural or natural atmosphere is enhanced by the décor of the exterior of this room. Its external window sill is decorated by three small potted plants and an earthy seating area is found just outside the door.

Imagine having all this experience while still basking in the privacy and comfort of your own hotel room and you will be imagining life at the Hütten Palast. This interesting hotel boasts an experience that is truly awe inspiring.