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Let’s go on a tour of the area, shall we? Last time we landed in Italy, and today we are taking a little field trip to visit its lovely neighbor, Greece! However, we’re not going to the usual tourist spots everyone is familiar with. Time to switch it up and explore more of what Greece has to offer! On the Santorini Island reside breath-taking island villas that are sure to give you the sudden motivation to relocate as soon as possible! Dimitris Economou, the interior architect responsible for designing such an exquisite place to live, has created these masterpieces as suites for the La Perla Villas Hotel located in the town of Oia on Santorini Island.

By first glance, these island villas may resemble underground cave-like living quarters due to its rounded ceilings. No worries, your glance is not totally off! One of the signature architectural designs of Santorini, called “hyposkafa”, includes structures that are built into the ground. Although there may not be a lot of room to maneuver width-wise, it is made up for in its length and depth. Starting with the living room, we can see that each room is identified according to the vibrant colors of the sofas. The colors of the sofas are accompanied by fun printed accent pillows, distinctive floor lighting, and polished wood furniture for balancing. Lastly, we get a sunny peak of the scenery to enjoy just outside on the balcony.

What a way to make an impression! The concept created for the island villas featured today was nothing short of amazing. We would love to stay in a hotel like this one! When can we book our flight?

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