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The RO chair: an armchair that embodies tranquility

We’ve already placed this beautiful armchair into the perfect position in our dream home. It will look wonderful behind our stunning chocolate wood desk, in our office with floor to ceiling windows. The RO chair by Jaime Hayon, was created for Fritz Hansen. In Danish, RO means tranquility, making it the perfect name for this serene armchair. The RO chair is a one and a half seater, high quality chair, inspired by the human body. This delightful chair allows for movement and comfort, while preserving its beautiful design.


We absolutely adore the curves and lines in this beautiful armchair. They are elegant and exact. The exterior and the interior are different textures, providing wonderful interest. Amplifying and complementing this interest, the outer shell of the chair is hard, while the interior is cushioned and flexible. The legs of this chair are silver and rounded, keeping with the curved theme.

The RO chair comes in nine wonderful colors: black, gray, taupe, violet, blue, yellow, light pink, sage-green, and sand. We are very partial to the bright blue, but the other colors are just as fabulous. The gray is stunning, able to fit into any color palette. The sand color has an elevated elegance, particularly perfect for a glamorous and luxurious design. The taupe adds an additional level of comfort to this wonderful armchair. The bright yellow and violet would be the perfect touch in a whimsical and playful home. The sage-green puts us in the mind of coastal decor or a swanky beach house. The pink adds a delicate touch, and the black would be fabulous in a black and white themed interior design.

The minute we saw this chair we were attracted to its calming and relaxing attributes. The lines of the chair create a sense of comfort and flow, allowing you to sink down into the cushions and be supported by the the fabulous frame. This chair definitely delivers what is promised in the name: tranquility.