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Cut chair’s unique design
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The Original Design of Pi and Up Side Tables

We are always on the look out for original design pieces and these two side tables are right up our alley. These functional furniture pieces from Odesi answer some of our most pressing storage and style needs. Introducing the Pi and Up side tables designed by Marc Th. Van der Vooorn. The Pi Table has legs that lift up and have a “lip” or sorts. This lip can be used to hold magazines and books. The circular cut out in the center of the legs can also be used to store rolled up newspaper and other stuff which is perfect for keeping our living rooms organized! This is what designer Marc Th. van der Voorn says about Pi: “Perhaps I could have named the Pi differently. PA, Personal Assistant. Pi is always there for you. It is a side table, magazine rack and a fine appearance in one! Timeless and multipurpose, that is his strength.


The Up is not only nice to look at with it’s clean modern lines and rectangular top, but it also offers a lot of space on the surface, something traditional side tables seem to lack. Marc Th. van der Voorn speaks about the Up: “In the design I searched for a gesture of servitude. Therefore, the table is on tiptoes, and offers itself to its owner. Also, it refers to how a waiter holds a tray on the tops of his fingers. The Up has a bit more space than a normal side table. Most side tables have a tabletop of 40 by 40 cm. And it is quite obvious.

Whether you are looking for a side table that offers double function or just looking for a larger scale piece, the Pi and Up side tables offer a solution to satisfy every need.


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