Architecture delights us in so many different ways! It isn’t always about a space or form, or the elements that comprise it; often beauty lies in the transitions and movements across these. Even the smallest of details here offers a fertile ground for originality and innovation; take the bookcase door for example. Built as part of a mountain retreat, this fascinating design by DeForest Architects speaks volumes (literally!) through the simplest of gestures.

Designed for discretion the bookcase door (1)

Built flush into the wall, the bookcase door is like a secret. Its seamless lines and minimalist construction ensure its discreet character stays uncompromised. Superior craftsmanship ensures accuracy and precision that make this design a little gem within the overall scheme.

Connecting a private lounge with the main living area, the bookcase door creates a unique interface while contributing to the aesthetics of the space. Instead of pockmarking the sinuous wood paneled walls with a flat and dead surface, the design extrudes the wall pattern into a convenient storage nook. Scaled to the overall layout and design, it accentuates the aesthetics of the living room while affording a greater degree of privacy to the lounge.

A synergy of sound sensibilities and playful freshness, the bookcase door brims with potential and possibilities; this is definitely not a one hit wonder!

Designed for discretion the bookcase door (2)
Designed for discretion the bookcase door (3)
Designed for discretion the bookcase door (4)

Designed for discretion the bookcase door (5)Photography: Benjamin Benschneider

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