This amazing cabinet design is by Peter Pierobon and it is called Coast Range. It is eleven feet wide, thirty three inches high, and twenty two inches deep. Coast Range is a drinks cabinet made of walnut, stainless steel, and aluminum, and it is positively gorgeous. It is inspired by the terrain and the relationship between the natural and urban environment in Vancouver.


The angles in this cabinet design are absolutely fantastic. We begin on the left side with fantastically angled legs. As we go up, we reach the first section. Inside this gorgeous compartment, two drawers with sleek stainless steel handles fill the space.

As we move to the right, there is a steep drop, and then we reach a beautiful section that slopes to the left. Pulling on the aluminum handle, the compartment opens into a deep drawer.  We go up and then we go down again, and we have passed two large drawers. As we go up, we reach the last compartment. Aluminum circles fill this section, providing ample space for wine storage.

This cabinet design also has wonderful storage for glasses and bottles of different sizes, adding even more function to this fantastic piece of furniture.

The sleekness of this wonderful design is second to none. We like the sharp corners and the different levels. The two ends of the cabinet seem to be vertical, while the middle sections, lean to the left.

This stunning cabinet design would look fabulous in any home. It could stand on its own, or it could be adorned with stunning glasses and bottles, keeping in line with the purpose of the cabinet. It could also be beautiful with sculptures, ornate vases and plates, or beautiful books. Whether it’s an office, a living room, or a downstairs game room, this wonderful piece of art can take your home design to a whole new level.