Furniture designs

Explore our rich collection of creative furniture ideas that promise to transform your home into a true masterpiece. Here you’ll find the perfect furniture for any room in the house, be it the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the children’s room or the entrance hall. To satisfy every taste, we share furniture designs suitable for both, limited space homes as well as for spacious luxury houses.

Adorable Children Bunk Beds

Adorable Children Bunk Beds

Here is a smart solution when furnishing a small kids’ room. These bunk beds made from Scandinavian pine are adorable!
Fishbone Modular Shelving System - demo

Fishbone Modular Shelving System From B-Line

Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional Fishbone shelving system is what your living room has been missing!
Upholstered Furniture Ideas From Moroso

Upholstered Furniture Ideas From Moroso

The wide range of upholstered furniture by Moroso is not only beautiful but also made with commitment to the environment.
Convertible desk bed in a room

Convertible Desk Bed From BLESS

Have you ever dreamt of transforming your working desk into a comfy bed? The Desk Bed is the answer to your prayers!
The Dice Range of Multipurpose Furniture

The Dice Range of Multipurpose Furniture

Who doesn’t love smart design?! Creativity, functionality and awesome look are all combined into Dice Furniture collection.
Contemporary Kids Furniture

LEGO Contemporary Kids Furniture Range

Creative Bed

Creative Bed Cum Desk Comes to the Rescue

Luna minimalist cabinet in orange

Luna Minimalist Cabinet from Coedition

Store your belongings with style thanks to the Luna minimalist cabinet by Patricia Urquiola! Great fit for any modern living space.
Recycled wine barrel furniture

Recycled Wine Barrel Furniture and Lighting Décor

Lips Sofa

The Iconic Bocca Lips Sofa Goes Black and Pink

Minimalist lounge chair by Josh Shiau

Minimalist Lounge Chair in Three Strokes

The Single Cord Lounge is exactly what your modern home has been missing! Enjoy it minimalist design made of wood and rope.
BADA transformable table

From Eat to Seat: the BADA Transformable Table