After a long day of work, the only thing you’re up for doing is changing into something comfortable, grabbing a bite to eat and indulging in your favorite show. You may even find refuge in chatting with a good friend. To complete your relaxation session, you will have the natural urge to kick your tired feet up. But what exactly is the best thing to kick your feet up on? Try this X-bench idea on for size!

To create this look on your own terms, you will first need some basics, such as a tape measure, pencil, scissors, framing square, chalk box, circular saw and miter saw. To keep things simple, a hammer, hand-powered staple and nail punch will do the trick as well. To create the foundation for the X-bench, you will also need two pieces of oak, a piece of plywood, a piece of solid oak and two wooden dowels. For your upholstery, cotton batting, foam, and a piece of the upholstery of your choosing is essential. To make all of these parts work together properly, you’re also going to need some wood glue, a box of wood screws and a box of brads.

To get started with everything, you want to get cracking on cutting your oak pieces that will eventually turn into the short and long legs needed. After cutting your plywood into a rectangle, you want to prep it by sanding off and finishing the wood so that you’re ready to paint. Putting together the frame involves attaching the different size legs with a few brads. Using your pencil and wood glue, continue assembling the frame until everything is aligned properly. Here comes the fun part! Layer your upholstery foundation by adding the cotton batting, along with the foam panel and plywood, in that order. Lastly, securing your upholstery by stapling it on both sides while making sure to stretch and tuck things here and there will finish the process of creating your X-bench!

After allowing your X-bench to completely dry for about a day, you’ll be able to fully reap the benefits of resting your feet on your personal custom-designed piece. Enjoy!

How to make an X-Bench 1

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