Designers have definitely been getting a bit more creative when it comes to designing and building what are typically very simple structures or pieces of furniture. In this instance, a rather creative bookshelf has been created by Henrique Steyer Furniture (website in Portuguese), making the standard bookshelf a more personalized and certainly more exciting. This really could be utilized by both children and adults, it doesn’t necessarily advertise itself as directly related to either.

The Niño bookshelf is still a considerably easy design, but has much more of an actual impact when you see it. Inspired by paper doll chains and gingerbread men, this creative bookshelves make for excellent additions to decor, especially in a children’s room or a classroom. Even more, you can get the shelf in a whole variety of colors and finishes, along with choosing between a boy and a girl version. Whether you want a more natural finish or something bright and loud, Steyer has created it. So if you’re looking for a fun addition to the decor in your home, we’d suggest this bookshelf. Guests will surely not let it go unnoticed, and who doesn’t love a fun bookshelf to put your favorite books on?