We are amazed and blown away yet again by the latest project by designer Peter Bristol. The Cut Chair is yet another thought provoking design from Bristol that seems to be a chair that is not made for sitting in. But with closer inspection you will find that this unique design is not only incredibly stable but is incredibly awesome! The “stump” legs of the Cut Chair seem to have been slashed through the middle and torn apart, thus seemingly making the chair unusable. But Bristol has placed a reinforced steel beam that is anchored to a steel plate that hides under a rug through the center of the seat. The steel plate is then anchored to the ground making this one chair that will stay in place.


Peter Bristol, who works for Seattle- based product development consultancy Carbon Design is known for intriguing and original design ideas. He is always “Working to create ideas that should exist and bring them to life in the right way”.  He collaborates with other design focused partners to create lighting, furniture, and other goods. Some of their designs include a dresser with drawers shaped like the clothes that are inside them, a sconce that takes advantage of unused corners, and a lamp that also doubles as an outlet among other things. The Cut Chair is yet another in his envelope pushing design.

The Cut Chair may not be for those who like to rearrange their furniture often. But it is certainly for those people who want to make an impression on unsuspecting visitors. This is one chair that will surprise and awe those who come in contact with it as well as bring a smile to their face.