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Choosing the Best Ottoman or Pouf for Your Home

The first step to choosing the best ottoman or pouf for your home is knowing the difference between the two. An ottoman has multiple functions and designs, is often more of a sturdy structure, and comes in a wide variety of sizes. A pouf is very much how it sounds. Similar to a more commonly known bean bag chair, a pouf is often soft and round and used for an occasional foot rest or extra seating for one. Take a look at some visual examples below:


When choosing between the two the decision often works out in favor of the ottoman for the simple fact that it’s more versatile. An ottoman has many hats and can be used as a coffee table, window bench, storage, extra seating, and even comes in the form of a hide-a-bed.

Ottomans are excellent pieces for living rooms, recreational areas, and large hallways. They are available in an array of materials but it’s recommended to stick with durable leather, high thread count polyester, and sturdy frames.


 A pouf, because of its soft and formless shape, really has limited uses aside from being decorative. But it can be a great addition to a space, you just have to know where to use it.

Poufs are better utilized as a footrest for that occasional corner chair, extra seating in a kid’s room, or a decorative addition to the spare room. With a pouf, it’s not detrimental to choose a certain material as they don’t get much use, but it’s recommended to go with one that is soft and high in thread count.

There’s no doubt that an ottoman or pouf are great pieces to have in a home and there’s really no way to determine which is better from the other, only which is better for you.

Photos: Nest | Published in: Furniture | Author: Lynn