We all have that one piece of furniture, wall decor, painting, or what have you that is a bit… different from everything else in the room. Whether it was something you inherited or the mermaid lamp you just had to have from the garage sale down the road— there is always something so spending in the pieces that are set apart from the rest.

Take for instance, this quartz armchair designed by Greek studio CTRLZAK and Davide Barzaghi. Clearly, something so perfect in geometric expression, is also something aesthetically appeasing and comfortable as well.

This quartz armchair is constructed with two-dimensional pentagonal and hexagonal wooden structures, which then create this three-dimensional chair you see once placed together in the crystalloid formation. And how cool is the fact that you can actually construct and deconstruct the chair? We certainly find that to be a fun aspect.

On that note, the quartz armchair gives you the chance to be the designer as well. Perhaps there is some genius in being able to recreate what the designer intended to, or being allowed to do some designing yourself. After all, once it’s in your home it’s up to you at that point how it looks in the end, right?

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