When it comes to furniture design and their structures, you’ll find that many of them date back to the 1950’s (think the ever iconic Eames, for one). As for this modern armchair, its roots too date back to 1955 when it was first introduced by American designer George Nelson. It’s simple design that promotes comfort and sitting with ease has remained relevant through the decades and is still very popular design today.

Inspired by nature’s very own coconut, this modern armchair has the silhouette and coloring that you would find in the fruit. Well, not necessarily the coloring, but inspiration from it; the seat of the chair is always darker than the frame or outside of it.

The chair can be found in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics that suit just about any interior design. Whether you want more of a 1970’s inspired color scheme, cow pattern, wicker, or leather (and everything in between) this modern armchair not only will fit into your decor, but you’ll never look back once you sit in it.

Not to mention, having a piece of furniture that has become iconic in design in your home is pretty cool in itself.

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