DIY home projects could be applied to any room in the house and the bedroom makes no exception. As we all know the bed is usually the focal point of every bedroom, so we better spice it a bit. And what better way to add unique and creative touch to the bed than by making a book headboard!

The one you see in the pictures is made by Kassandra of Design Every Day blog and looks absolutely stunning!


What you need to make a book headboard

  • hardcover books /try pick books of the same size to make laying out easier/
  • wooden board with the size you want your headboard to be
  • small nails
  • hammer
  • double sided table stick

How to make a book headboard

  • Measure the size of your headboard as to be 1cm in from where the bed mattress ends on either side. This will make the books seem not attached to anything.
  • Mark the mattress height so you know where the books should end
  • Arrange the open books on the board like a puzzle. Make sure to place the books as to extend over the edges of the board on both sides.
  • Secure the books using nails, but leave a few pages free.
  • Glue the free pages using double sided table stick
  • Enjoy 🙂


Published in: DIY | Author: Lynn